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We love working with puppies, and offer a wide range of puppy services - 

Puppy Classes (from £149) - Come and train with your puppy in our beautiful walled garden in Exbury. 

To book onto a class please click here 

Our classes are fun, and differ from most puppy classes, in that we look to get to know your puppies individually and to advise whats best for you and your puppy based on their temperament, breed, size etc. We look to give advice on handling, and how to prevent unwanted behaviours going forward. 

We teach you how to: 

  • Train your puppy in all the basics such as lead walking, recall, not jumping up etc

  • Socialise your puppy the right way, and with the right dogs 

  • Ensure your puppy grows in confidence 

  • Recognise signs they're tired and/or stressed

  • Deal with the unwanted behaviours such as puppy biting 

  • Toilet train your puppy 

  • Encourage good relationships between your puppy and your children. 

  • Plus much more. 

We encourage families to come along and learn with us too. 

Classes start from £149 for the 8 weeks, there are additional options such as online training, and 1-2-1 support as well. 

New Puppy Training Package (£249) 

Initial meet up or zoom, this can be before you have chosen your pup, before you pick up pup, or once you have puppy and have lots of questions. 

4 more meet ups in person to teach you how to train your puppy and we will also socialise your puppy with our older social dogs. 


One off Puppy Consultation (£70)

We come out to you to discuss all your puppy needs and get you started on their training, we also send you a puppy booklet to help you. 

Puppy Training 

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