Behaviour & Training Services


Behaviour & Training Services

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One-to-one behaviour and training services cover:

- Aggression towards humans or other animals

- Predatory behaviour 

- Obsessive, repetitive behaviours

- Fear and anxiety

- Training problems like loose lead or recall

As training problems are very often a symptom of other underlying issues, the same packages and prices apply whether the enquiry is about training or behaviour.

We may suggest you need to arrange a vet check. This is a standard procedure with most behaviourists because of the high percentage of behaviour issues that are related to health and physical condition. We work closely with a number of local vets so please don't be worried about this.

Services and Prices

Zoom Consultations £35

If you would like to chat to us about a puppy problem or would like to know if you’d like to work with us then this is the ideal service. We will also recommend this option as the first step for behavioural consultations. This allows us to get all the information we need from you about your dog and the problems you are experiencing so when we see your dog we can start working with them straight away and have a better idea about what they can cope with.

We will also give you advice on how to prevent and manage issues in the short term and until we have been able to see you in person. Zoom consultations are available at evenings and weekends

Puppy Consultations £60

We come out to your home, talk about your set up, equipment, any puppy issues you may be having, how to prevent issues going forward. We will assess your puppy and advise you how to socialise your puppy based on what we see and how we can support you with this. We will also tell you about how dogs learn and how to use this to train your puppy and what to start with

One-to-One Behaviour and Training sessions 

£60 or £150 per 3 sessions

**First session £90 if we haven't had an initial Zoom**

These are either at your home (Covid restrictions dependent) or at our enclosed training school. If we haven’t already had a Zoom meeting, we will discuss the issues you are experiencing and collect information from you regarding your dog. This also gives us an opportunity to assess the dog in more detail and from this we will develop and start working on a training plan with you. We will also advise how many sessions we feel you are likely to need from what we see. This is a popular service with many of our clients.

One-to-One Puppy Training  

£60 or £150 per 3 sessions

If you find it difficult to commit to a fixed time or just prefer one-to-one over group activities, these are ideal for you. Sessions will be approximately 45 minutes but are tailored to how much your puppy can cope with. We want to set puppies up for good experiences so if your puppy can only cope with 20 mins in the first session, we will split one of these sessions into 2. We will also make recommendations of what we do in the other sessions depending on the individual puppy. We will tailor experiences including training location according to what we think your puppy would benefit from, for example that might be confidence around people or animals, focus around other dogs or coping with traffic.

One-to-One Training Walks  

£40 or £140 per 4 (45 mins)

One-to-one training walks which are great for dogs who need help with confidence building, or with reactivity. We can meet on a regular basis (recommended weekly) to help you and your dog work through overcoming their issues. These walks will be at Exbury where we have the opportunity to work through a variety of different situations for your dog.