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Behaviour & Training Services


Behaviour & Training Services

One-to-one behaviour and training services cover:

  • Aggression towards humans or other animals

  • Predatory behaviour 

  • Obsessive, repetitive behaviours

  • Fear and anxiety

  • Training problems like loose lead or recall: 

We are very lucky in that we have a range of skills, if you're looking for help with behaviour, Jeanette our head behaviourist will work with you initially, and then will get you booked in with Gavin as well for the special lead handling skills he offers, and the understanding of how to work with your dog outside. 

1-2-1 Consultations

Training 1-2-1 

  • Do you need help teaching your dog to: 

  • Walk nicely on the leaad

  • Come back when called

  • Stop jumping up

  • Focus around other dogs or people

  • Retrieve

  • Go around

Then why not book a 1-2-1 with us. A 1-2-1 on its own in our enclosed training area is £60, or we offer 3 sessions at £150. If we come out to you its £70, or 3 for £160. These will be with Gavin. We can also look to get you into a class if thats what you would like to do with your dog. 

Behaviour Consultations 

We offer a range of behaviour services, often we start with a initial zoom, this is £35, we chat online for 30/60

Training Packages 

If you are looking to teach your dog:

  • To walk nicely on a lead

  • To come back when called

  • To have more focus with you around other dogs

  • To play nicely with other dogs

Then a training package would be ideal, we offer 3 sessions for £165, or 5 for £250 if you come to the walled garden in Exbury, if we are coming out to you the cost would be £195 for 3, or £280 for 5. These sessions are with Gavin. 

Behaviour Consultations

If you are struggling with your dogs behaviour, we offer the following behaviour packages

Reactivity (£199)

Is your dog reactive to other dogs, and.or humans? 

If so then we offer the Reactivity Package (£199) - 

We work with a lot of reactive dogs, and have fantastic results helping owners and their dogs. We look to establish whats going on initially, and then assess when we see you in person the best way forward. Where every dog is individual, there is no set protocol, its all based in the individual dog and what you'd love to be able to achieve with your dog. 

There is the Initial Zoom to collect all the information, this is normally around an hour, we will ask you a lot of questions regarding your dog, from where they sleep all the way through to how they are out and about etc. We can also do this in person, but without your dog initially. 

We then discuss what could be going on, what triggers there could be and we give you a plan to start working on. 

We will then look to establish the reasons for the reactivity, which can be fear, anxiety, frustration, pain etc and if needed will carry out an assessment of movement both outside, and in the home. 

As part of the package this will include at least 2 meet ups outside, or in the home depending on what we establish would be the best way forward. We can also do this remotely with you over zoom if you are out of the area. In these meet ups we will look to teach you about lead handling, and also what to do in situations, and help you and your dog to feel more comfortable around their triggers. 

We then work out a plan with you for the best way forward. At this point some of the dogs join our classes, others meet for regular training walks, and others keep us updated with lovely pictures and messages. 

Human Aggression (£199)

This is a bubble term which covers a lot of behaviours such as:

  • Growling when being handled

  • Growing at strangers 

  • Not wanting people into the home 

  • Resource Guarding of items 

  • Sporadic aggression 

All of the above are caused by an emotional change, which can stem from stress, pain, medical issues, frustration etc but we will work with you to establish what its going on, and look to get a plan into place. 

The package involves -

Initial Zoom (approx 60 mins) to collect all the data, to create a big picture for us of your dogs life. We will discuss triggers and putting management into place. I will give you the relevant webinars to watch in your own time. For many dogs showing aggression there could be an element of discomfort, which is unlikely to show in a vet check, therefore we can carry out a thorough movement analysis in order to establish if we think something is going on. We will look to work out a plan of the best way forward, and it will include at least 2 meet ups (may be more if they are less than one hour) or 3/4 zooms if you aren't local. 

Fearful or Anxious Dogs (£199) 

We can help you if you have a dog that is displaying fearful or anxious behaviours by working with you to create a plan to help build their confidence. 

The package includes - 

Initial Zoom Meeting where we gather all the information and discuss whats going on. 

AT least 2 meet ups, in all honesty with anxious dogs its normally at least 3 as we tend to do shorter sessions, but these may involve a walk with my dogs, socialising with my dogs, nose work, walking out and about or building confidence in more built up areas, with my dogs helping with confidence. 

We may suggest you need to arrange a vet check. This is a standard procedure with most behaviourists because of the high percentage of behaviour issues that are related to health and physical condition. We work closely with a number of local vets so please don't be worried about this.

If you'd like an initial zoom with us before committing to any of the packages then we can offer this for £35, and will reduce the package price by £20 if you sign up after the zoom. This way you can speak to us before committing and we can suggest what we feel is best. 


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